The Chelsea Collection By Sugarlips

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Fashion allows women to showcase their personality, creativity and individuality. For women it is a form of self-expression as it allows them to assert their own unique identity and establish a sense of autonomy. 


Sugarlips  is offering the finest quality fabrics when producing its clothes. It was just a small line of sweaters and within a few years became the largest provider of seamless clothing in the United States. The Chelsea Collection features dresses, tops and blouses, outwear, and bottoms. 


Here are some items from the Chelsea Collection.

Chelsea Bow Tie Mini Dress

It is a stylish and elegant piece which has a chic design as it has a bow on the neckline or waist which gives a sophisticated look. This dress can be worn for different events or settings.


  • It is a mini dress which makes it perfect for casual and semi-formal events

  • It is made from high-quality fabrics which makes it comfortable and durable

  • Available in black, white and fuchsia 



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To have a charmful look in events buy Chelsea Bow Tie Mini Dress for only $77.78

Chelsea Pleated Shorts

The Chelsea Pleated Shorts is a very modish and comfortable piece with classic tailoring which makes it perfect for warm weathers and various casual events. 


  • It gives a pleasant feeling which is perfect for all day wear

  • Made from prime quality fabrics which makes it durable

  • Available in black, camel, cobalt, emerald, fuchsia, kelly-green and white



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To have a chic look buy Chelsea Pleated Shorts for only $53.41

Chelsea Fitted Notch Lapel Blazer

The Chelsea Lapel Blazer gives a sophisticated look perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. This blazer is ideal for casual dinners or formal events.


  • It is made from superior quality fabrics which makes it sturdy

  • The blazer includes flap pockets which are useful for carrying small essentials

  • Available in black, white, fuchsia, emerald, cobalt, kelly-green and camel



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To have a professional garment in your wardrobe buy Chelsea Fitted Notch Lapel Blazer for only $86.02.

Chelsea Button Up Vest

It is a versatile piece which will be suitable for both informal and convectional events, it is a stylish layer to any outfit.


  • Made from premium materials which maintain the shape and provide sophisticated finish

  • The buttons are often a focal point, adding to the vest`s overall aesthetic.

  • Available in black, cobalt, white, emerald, camel, fuchsia and kelly-green



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For a practical addition to the wardrobe buy Chelsea Button Up Vest  for only $48.39

Chelsea Tie Neck Pleated Sleeve Jumpsuit

The Tie Neck Pleated Sleeve Jumpsuit combines modern design with classic elements so it gives out the big boss energy. It is a sophisticated piece with a neck bow which gives voguish touch.


  • Made from premium material which provide comfort level while maintaining a polished look

  •  Enhance the waist and elongates the leg

  • Available in black, cobalt, fuchsia and white



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For more elegant and versatile piece in you wardrobe buy Chelsea Tie Neck Pleated Sleeve Jumpsuit  for only $77.78

In Conclusion

The Chelsea Collection is based on current fashion trends like having pieces in the wardrobe which can be multi purpose yet give a modish look.  Sugarlips identified the interest in these styles and produce which is based on customer preferences. This represents the brand’s commitment for offering voguish yet accessible clothing that empowers customers to showcase their personal style.