Terms & Conditions

At PubMyBrand you can access to the best shopping experience but first you have to pay heed on our agreement which we draw up, in the form of some useful and valuable terms and conditions that you must read and follow because if you don’t agree with them we will disallow you to shop from us. We set each & every term & condition for the fortune, benefit and security of purchasers and providers if they admit and pay heed on it. We generate this agreement for the security and safety of your personal information. Each and every term and condition is drafted consciously and carefully for the well-being of our site-users. Following are our terms and conditions that you’ve to read carefully.

Our website’s data, content, logos and material that we provide, all are entirely our property and belonging.

  • We have right to change, amend, eradicate, append or do any kind of amendment in it, without any notice, as it’s all our property.
  • You need to create an account and register yourself with us then you’ll be allowing to purchase as it is crucial to start shopping with us and for getting a best shopping experience.
  • You must provide your authentic info, in which your name, address, payment details and other required information are included because it will helpful to make your thoroughly process uninterrupted and easy.
  • Sign up is the main part to shop from us because without this you can’t access to get the shopping experience so you must sign up first.
  • We share your information with our riders, vendors for delivery purpose and to drop-ship and good services, with pledging to keep your personal information confidential.
  • Each voucher has mentioned the delivery date, we will inform you in case of delaying.
  • On every deal and coupon, the invalidity and expiring date is clearly mentioned.
  • It is patently mentioned, if the product has free shipment.
  • We can cancel your order, in any case we see our laws offended by you.
  • If we change our deal and coupons before the expiry, we will impart the replacement.
  • You must provide, whenever we ask you to provide your information.
  • You must inform us if you feel your password and account not anymore safe or are abusing by someone else, we will take action against the violation.
  • Your parcel and all orders will get to you within the 5 to 7 working days.
  • Any kind of erroneous and deficient info of the given products by brand or services won’t our responsibility.
  • You required updating your password time to time for security purpose, if you don’t do we’ve the right to deactivate your account without any notice.
  • Once the payment has been done, we will confirm your order.
  • In case, if we cancel your order as we've the right to cancel at any moment, then we will refund, if the amount has deducted.

These are our terms and conditions that you need to read discreetly each of our term and condition, because you may connected to the other website and we work as a third party so we don’t have any right disclaim other website's policies. If you have any question regarding our terms and conditions, you can ask by email or can call us, our team and other partners will assist you and our helpline service is available for you 24/7.