Privacy Policy

We at PubMyBrand, set some rules for the sake of our customer’s well-being and privacy, as we superintendent our site through some rules so we designed a policy that called our privacy policy. Our site-users use this site because they believe on us, now it’s our duty to secure them and don’t break their trust that they blindly do.

This privacy policy clarifies everything that what we do and how we can take actions just for your security propose, how your personalized information gathered and employed by us and how we allocate and fixed, bring into action other services allocated by its operator, all at PubMyBrand.

It is always our first priority to ensure that all your personal information and data that you share with us is secure so according to our priority, we start to take full responsibility from the moment you sign up, place your order at cart, until your order gets to you from our hand to your hand.

We exploit your private information just for approaching to the services, deals and for the verification of remittance purpose but we promise to you that we keep your name unspecified even if we also use your personal data for desiring of market survey, updating the web content and for other purposes such as verification, still we keep your personal information secure from any other users.

As we pledge to take the responsibility of your data and private information to be safe and secure from any other unauthorized user, so according to this responsibility we disallow any kind of unauthenticated user to see or use your personalized. We make your trust firm on us, as we accumulate your data trough persuade server, we also imply the identity checks from time to time for furthermore confirmations. But we won’t be responsible for any case of stolen your passwords, here you have to be responsible for cautious by your own behalf, about your passwords and gadgets from unsanctioned users.

In any case, if you ever feel uncertain or insecure about your personal information, or misuse of your passwords or private info, without any hesitation you’ve to call us immediately or contact us unswervingly, we take action against any baleful motive that is unfortunately happened to you. We won’t leave you alone as we supervision our costumers so in any case of insecurity or mishap that happened with them we get alert as our privacy policy is actually designed for your security.

Because we care for you that’s why we designed our privacy policy to narrating that you shop from a secure place that make your shopping experience affable, easy in any way and stress-free by our great services that are secure too.