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Some moments of life are special that can never be forgetting, as they are extra special which make our life beautiful, they never come again even we want to, but they can only save in our memory. These moments can only captured in our eyes and can be save in memory, so we can only memorized them, and these memories can be the reason to sparkle our life. Special moments of life are truly memorable experiences and are worth remembering. Life is incomplete without moments, the moment in which you smile, you laugh, you feel happy or excited are the moments that make your life memorable, these moments have the power to change your world. Actually our lives are built through moments, no matter how tiny they are, they become memories and give a huge impact on our lives and can change our life, these moments are everyday moments that create a life which will become memorable if we captured every moment not only in our memory but a place where they will saved always. Do you ever think about capturing your loving moments? And want to see them whenever you see, Do you want to capture these awesome and auspicious moments forever? If yes than your wish is going to come true because here you are going to capture and save your each and every moment and create memories, by Polaroid, Polaroid is an American company that is known for its instant film and cameras. It is producing the products that can build memories by capturing everyday moment, now you can find the right Polaroid product easily to memorize your life experiences.

Capture Your Special Moments Forever & Relive Them Everyday

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The moment that passed, can never come again as life goes on fleetly, nowadays every moment become past quickly, every moment go with the flow. Some moments of life are too much gracious, they are that moments which seem, we live our whole life in them. The unforgettable, remarkable and rare but unfortunately never come again. Ah, wish we can seize and safe them for reliving in them whenever we want. But do you know that you can now capture your special moments forever and relive them every day, whenever you want, how? Through Polaroid, yes now you can grab every moment at your hands because Polaroid is giving you a chance to relive your special moment every day. So what are you waiting for just go and grab your camera to capture your special moments so they become memories just because of Polaroid as it produce the wide and extensive range of worthwhile instant cameras to take your pictures, included instant film, printers and furthermore accessories that are the perfect choice for any photographer. 

What’s New For you?

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Polaroid all releases are stunning, whatever you buy you won’t dismay because every release of Polaroid has something special for you that can build a trust in moments. Polaroid always generates useful and worthwhile products for his customers that always admirable by thousands of his customers. After this appropriateness and admiration by his customers, Polaroid intended to produce some more releases that will also be appreciated and admire by his customer, it is hoping to break the records in his performance. Following are the new releases and Polaroid believes that they will win the heart of his customers.

Polaroid Go Black Frame Film 

Black Frame Polaroid Go Instant Camera Bundle - Polaroid US

Polaroid go black family is welcoming black frame film which is the new release of Polaroid. It is the fresh edition that is useful and the finest choice of the photographers. The black frame has the ability to create an amazing effect that gives a glance of artistic upshot wherever you are and whatever you wanna capture. It is easy to carry means portable you can go anywhere with this and capture every moment. It work like megaplex variance that create a world of your dream, it is your creative partner that go with you anywhere so you don’t get bore even if you are alone. This is battery free and can create an image during 10-15 minutes with black frame, the image area is 1.851 x 1.811 in (47 mm x 46 mm). You can access to the 16 photos per double pack. A minor frame can create a major film for you so you can enjoy your little moments in a huge cinematic way. Polaroid Go black frame film brings an amazing frisky effect and gives your moment a new life.

Polaroid Go Black

Polaroid Go Black & Go Film Black Frame Edition - YouTube

Polaroid go black is really an awesome edition as it has the ability to create the world that is near from your heart. The portable Polaroid go black camera is wearable you can easily go with the flow where you are whatever you want to do. This is the world`s tiniest instant analog camera that can built a happy world no matter what you want to create by it whether big or small but a world that is in your hand so you can enjoy each and every moment with new go black Polaroid release. This classic model has the feature that can bring the world of creation where you can get to the big ideas. This pocket-sized analog camera’s dimension is 5.9 x 3.3 x 2.4 in (105 mm x 83.9 mm x 61.5 mm), the focal length is 51.1mm and the aperture is f12 and f52. The tiny black camera’s shutter speed is 1/250-1sec that can take the image with the lenses of polycarbonate resin. The battery of this small black piece is high performance that made with lithium-ion, rechargeable via USB and 15-pack battery life. Don’t wait any more, go and get yours Polaroid Go camera with USB charging cable, wrist strap, and quick start guide and safety & compliance booklet. This has also the ability to take a selfie, now you can take a beautiful and reflective selfie with your favorite pose and be thankful for self-timer.

New Camera Colors

New Arrivals】OfficialPolaroidPolaroidKeith Haring EditionJoint Name Polaroid  Camera | Shopee Malaysia

One of the most beautiful creation of Polaroid is his new camera’s colors that are going to make you demented so you may confuse which one is your favorite as it produces the vivid and vibrant colored cameras that are new and fresh release of Polaroid. When you intended to take a picture you always have one thing in your mind that the picture that you are going to click must come with brighter and vibrant colors, right? Do you ever think about before taking a picture? Don’t you? Obviously we always think about the colors, as colors have the power to change your mood, even your world. Polaroid take care of your thoughts, it knows that the camera’s that it offers you must take a high-spirited picture, but Polaroid is extra smart it thinks beyond your expectations so this time it intended to produce the new cameras that not only take colorful pictures but also have the eye-catching colors that make you to the first buyer of it. Because the new camera colors are unique and as striking as you think. After black and white you can also access to the new releases go black, the red one is flamboyant. The white with blue vibrant color camera is to make it more than a moment maker.

New Accessories 

The Polaroid GO Instant Camera now comes in Black, with new attachable  filters and black frame film

Your analog instant photography is incomplete without accessories for your Polaroid camera so come and shop the accessories according to your camera need or whatever you want to buy. Some new accessories of Polaroid are here to mesmerize you as these all are more useful and splendid creation of Polaroid’s from the previous releases as Polaroid is working on his performance for the better and better. So are you ready to grab these new accessories as they included the exclusive Polaroid Go Color Filter Set Introducing the first color filter set that is simple and easy to use. This set has the ability to add new colors and dimension into your photography that make it more creative. You can paint your image by red, blue, and orange with the first color filters that can give and amazing look to your picture. Polaroid Photo Frame 3Pack is also an alluring creation that is the perfect fit of your wall as these 3 frames are available with an open front, ready to hang. Now you can enjoy your images by putting your snapshots on display with the Polaroid Photo Frame 3-Pack, which make your spot more creative. These three frames are perfectly sized to display the iconic Polaroid film format. Enjoy these new accessories with Polaroid and make your world more creative.

New Film

 Amazon.com : Polaroid Color Film for I-Type, Black Frame Edition (6019) :  Electronics  

Polaroid currently manufactures instant film in which Color iType Film Double Pack Golden Moments Edition is the marvelous creation as it can make your moment golden so your moments can become golden memories. 16 color instant photographs finished in smooth metallic gold for Polaroid Now+, Polaroid Now, and Polaroid Lab. now your photographs can look classier when framed in shimmering metallic gold. This new release is user –friendly as it is battery free film. Color iType Film Color Frames Edition now you can also make your photos POP with 8 block-colored frame. It is an amusing and vibrant colored twist on the classic i-Type white frames that can brighten your photographs and give them a new life. These new films can change your world into a beautiful one that can be a dream of every now and then.

we are stuck in the clutter of living, rarely have a chance to enjoy our happiness together so whenever you encounter from this kind of chance you’ve to hug them tightly as good and happy moments rarely come to us and if you want to safe these moments forever, you’ve take a pause, grab your Polaroid camera, smile or you can say cheese, click, wait for a while, and just have a look your moments became special memories just because of Polaroid.