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Home decor items like frames and trays bring beauty and warmth to any space. Picture frames showcase cherished photos, art frames highlight beloved artwork, and mirror frames create the illusion of larger rooms. Decorative trays help organize items efficiently while serving trays add a touch of elegance when presenting food. By combining different sizes and styles, you can customize your space, making it inviting and uniquely yours in creative ways.


CareYou is an Australian family business, specializing in wedding products, home decor, luxury gifts, and lifestyle items, and offers a wide range of meticulously selected items online. The vision of this brand is to make your events unique with beautiful products that enhance the look of living spaces, making homes vibrant and full of life.

CareYou Home Decor Items 

CareYou offers a range of home decor items that can make your home look stylish and cozy,  including picture frames, art frames, and mirror frames, the brand also offers decorative and serving trays. all the products are designed to add functionality and uniqueness to your home.


Here are the top 4 CareYou home decor items: 


A4 Wooden Picture Photo Frame

Don’t let your important certificates, diplomas, or cherished holiday photos stay hidden in a box or drawer. This beautiful frame is perfect for showcasing certificates, diplomas, and awards in your office or home. They have a sleek, professional look that adds a touch of class to any space.


Below are the product details of the A4 Wooden Picture Photo Frame:


  • Crafted in black color.

  • Comes in A4 size.

  • Can be hung in both ways horizontally or vertically.

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To keep your memories safe buy this A4 Wooden Picture Photo Frame priced at $75.


Warm White Light Hanging Photo Clips

Introducing  Warm White Light Hanging Photo Clips, a charming addition to your home decor. These clips create a cozy atmosphere perfect for displaying your favorite memories. Bring warmth and a personal touch to your space with these delightful photo clips, ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and more.


Listed are the product details of the Warm White Light Hanging Photo Clips:


  • The bulk pack contains 6 units.

  • Each unit includes 20 clips.

  • Clip size 5.5cm x 1.5cm x 1cm.

  • 2.3m long bendable wire.

  • Batteries are included in the package.

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To style your room with lots of sparkling lights buy these Warm White Light Hanging Photo Clips priced at $33.


Gold Mirror Tray 

Gold Mirror Tray is a stylish addition to your home decor. This tray features a sleek design with a reflective gold mirror surface, adding elegance to any space. It's perfect for organizing and displaying items like candles, jewelry, or small decorations. The tray is versatile and can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, or living rooms.


Mentioned are the product details of the Gold Mirror Tray: 


  • Made up of a mirror base, metal frame, and acrylic sides.

  • Designed in gold color.

  • Tray size 35cm x 20cm x 5cm.

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To decorate your room or side tables buy this Gold Mirror Tray priced at $29.


White Ceramic Temple Jar

White Ceramic Temple Jar is a beautiful piece for your home decor. This jar features a classic design with a glossy white finish, adding elegance to any room. It's made of durable ceramic, perfect for holding flowers, storing small items, or as a standalone decorative piece.


These are the product details of the White Ceramic Temple Jar:


  • Crafted with ceramic material. 

  • Come in only with color.

  • The jar size is about 38cm in height.

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To have a unique decor piece buy this White Ceramic Temple Jar priced at $135.


Home decor items like frames, trays, and jars are essential for adding beauty and warmth to your home. CareYou, an Australian family business, offers a wide range of carefully selected products that increase the value of both everyday living and special occasions, making your home stylish and more welcoming.


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