Where to Find the Best Stethoscopes

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Stethoscopes are essential tools in healthcare, helping professionals to listen to internal body sounds for diagnostic purposes. Stethoscopes are most commonly used in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, doctor`s offices, and ambulances.

Eko`s commitment lies in empowering healthcare providers with advanced medical equipment, to diagnose their patient’s cardiac and respiratory problems. By giving accurate detection, confident diagnosis, and effective treatment. Eko aims to raise the standard of care, ensuring patients receive optimal healthcare outcomes.


Following are the best stethoscopes you can find at Eko. 


Top 3 Eko Stethoscopes


Eko is dedicated to making better stethoscopes to help doctors and nurses understand cardiac health. Their stethoscopes are designed with advanced technology to detect early signs of disease. One special feature of these stethoscopes is noise cancellation, which blocks out distracting sounds. This makes it easier for healthcare professionals to focus on listening carefully. With Eko`s stethoscopes, medical professionals can provide better care for their patients.


Here are the top 3 Eko Stethoscopes:


Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope

CORE 500 is the pioneering digital stethoscope featuring high-fidelity audio, a vibrant full-color display, and integrated 3-lead ECG functionality. Setting a new standard in audio precision with advanced true sound technology it represents a new era of unparalleled sound clarity and accuracy.


More features of the Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope:


1. Amplify sounds up to 40x with noise cancellation.

2. Detects arrhythmias with Eko AI support.

3. 3 filters specialized listening.

4. Telehealth compatibility.

5. Record, save, and share functions for convenience.




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To avail of more features of this stethoscope buy Eko CORE 500 Digital Stethoscope priced at $429.


3M Littmann CORE - Digital Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope combines the renowned Cardiology IV Stethoscope with the Eko CORE Digital Attachment. This brings together the trusted tradition of Littmann with the innovative technology of Eko. Perfectly integrated with the Eko App, it transforms into an efficient device, facilitating rapid assessment for signs of heart disease with ease.


Mentioned are the features of 3M Littmann CORE - Digital Stethoscope:


  1. Analog and amplified listening modes are available.

  2. Up to 40x amplification with active noise cancellation.

  3. Secure snap-tight, soft-sealing ear tips.

  4. Includes both adult and pediatric diaphragms.

  5. Telehealth compatible.


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To have the feature of recording, saving, and sharing buy 3M Littmann CORE - Digital Stethoscope priced at $329.


Eko CORE Digital Attachment

The Eko CORE Digital Attachment is a Bluetooth-enabled accessory designed to augment conventional stethoscopes, amplifying their capabilities. Compatible with a wide range of adult and pediatric stethoscope models, including those from 3M Littmann, ADC, WelchAllyn, MDF, and Medline. It completely integrates with your existing device to provide better functionality.


Listed are the features of Eko CORE Digital Attachment:


  1. 40x sound amplification, 7 volume levels.

  2. Active noise cancellation.

  3. Eko App for heart sound visualization.

  4. Wireless Bluetooth listening.

  5. Fits most stethoscopes.


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To have this stethoscope accessory buy Eko CORE Digital Attachment priced at $259.


Eko is dedicated to revolutionizing cardiac health through continuous research and innovation. Their advanced stethoscope technology enables swift and accurate detection of heart-related issues and respiratory problems, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.


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