Types of Cakes Baked by Milk Bar

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Cakes are a must-have of every celebration whether it`s a birthday or a milestone achievement. However, ordering a delicious cake at a reasonable price is a daunting task. This is when the Milk Bar comes into celebration with its wide range of cakes. Milk Bar offers different types of cakes catering to different celebrations. Their cakes are not only scrumptious but also prepared as per the highest quality standards. 


Let’s take a look at the variety of cakes offered by Milk Bar in more detail.  

Milk Bar Cakes

Following are the different types of cakes delivered by Milk Bar at your doorstep. 

Birthday Cake
Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake is inspired by the boxed vanilla cake. It contains three tiers of rainbow-flecked vanilla cake and layers of creamy frosting accompanied by crunchy crumbs. All of this is topped with rainbow sprinkles to make your special day colorful. 

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Made from wheat, eggs, milk, and soy, available in 6-inch for serving groups of 8 to 12, and 10-inch for serving groups of 20 to 30.

You can choose from the following flavors: 

  • Sweet Vanilla

  • Creamy Frosting

  • Nostalgically Sweet

To celebrate your special day with something sweet, order a Birthday Cake from Milk Bar starting from USD 62.00.

Pancake Cake

The pancake is stacked between brown sugar cookie butter, maple frosting, and brown butter crumbs. Made from wheat, eggs, milk, and soy and topped with maple syrup frosting and an extra dollop of butter. Available in 6-inch best for serving groups of 8 to 12 to bring the magic of taste.

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To take a delightful bite, order Milk Bar Pancake Cakes starting from USD 65.00.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake

The Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake is made from a base of soft and spongy cake layered with cheesecake filling. Moreover, cheesecake frosting and red velvet crumbs are also added to increase the taste. 

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Available in 6-inch for serving groups of 8 to 12, and 10-inch for serving groups of 20 to 30.

Order Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake to bring magic to your celebration, starting from USD 65.00.

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Milk Bar knows how to make your birthday classic with a Chocolate Birthday Cake, made with chocolate, wheat, eggs, milk, and soy. Decadent chocolate cake plus chocolate chips to delight in every bite. 

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This yummy cake is layered with creamy birthday frosting, crunchy crumbs, and rainbow sprinkles. Available in 6-inch that is best for serving groups of 8 to 12.

To make your birthday extra special order Chocolate Birthday Cake starting from USD 62.00.

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake

As evident from the name, this classic birthday cake is inspired by supermarket-made gluten-free items. Made with three tiers of rainbow-flecked, gluten-free vanilla birthday cake layered with creamy frosting and crunchy gluten-free crumbs. 

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Available in 6-inch for serving groups of 8 to 12, and 10-inch for serving groups of 20 to 30.

Order Gluten Free Birthday Cake starting from USD 67.00.

These are all the cakes by Milk Bar, prepared with affection for every customer. If you want to capture the essence of nostalgia and celebration in every bite, then these cakes from Milk Bar are the best option to celebrate your moments. 

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